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At MoneyGram Money Transfer we are committed to offering our clients competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees.

  • We charge a flat $15 fee for transfers under $10,000. For example if you are sending $8,000 NZ Dollars, your fee would be $15.00 New Zealand.
  • For transfers over $10,000 you will not be charged any fees. 

Save money by bundling your transfers!

MoneyGram Money Transfer clients are now able to receive a ‘bundle’ of transfers in advance. The more transfers you make, the more you can save!

Please note:If you make your bundle purchase at the end of the transfer, once the fees have been calculated, you may choose from all payment options.

  • There will not be a refund for transfers that are not used.
  • The fee is applied to every transfer with a receiver. For example: transferring $1000 in total to three different receivers, qualifies as 3 transfers.
  • Bundles are available to clients sending New Zealand Dollars (NZD) overseas. 
  • See full Terms & Conditions

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The MoneyGram Money Transfer service is provided by NZForex

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