Terms and Conditions – "Bundled Transfer" Pricing Option

  1. The MoneyGram Money Transfer service is provided by NZForex Limited (“NZForex”). Any reference to ‘we’, ‘us’ or the ‘company’ is a reference to NZForex. These Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference the terms and conditions of the Client Agreement. All capitalized terms in this agreement shall have the same meaning as in the Client Agreement.
  2. We charge Customers that use the MoneyGram Money Transfer service a small fixed Transfer Fee on all Transfers between NZD$250 to NZD$10,000 (or foreign currency equivalent). This is a separate fee to cover administrative costs associated with your Transfer, the amount of which is unrelated to the exchange rate. You must factor this fee into the cost of the Transfer. If you are comparing rates, you should bear in mind that an attractive exchange rate may be offset by a high transaction fee (or vice versa).  If a Transfer Fee is payable, it will be added to the total amount you are required to settle with us for the Transfer.
  3. A Transfer of NZD$10,000 or more (or foreign currency equivalent) does not attract a Transfer Fee.
  4. We provide all Customers using the MoneyGram Money Transfer service with the option to buy "bundled transfers" and lock in lower average Transfer Fee(s).  The "bundled transfer" pricing options available are published on our Website. These prices may be subject to change and the Company reserves the right to amend the pricing options without notice. 
  5. A Customer may opt to buy a "bundled transfer" at the time of settling a booked Transfer, by requesting the "bundled transfer" option and electing one of the payment options listed in the Transfer Section of the Customer’s User Account.
  6. A Transfer Fee will be applied for each Receiver added onto a booked Transfer.  As such, multiple Transfer Fees may be incurred by a Customer for a single Transfer if the Customer is transferring money to multiple Receiver Accounts. 
  7. Purchased "bundled transfers" will not expire and will remain credited to the Customer and viewable in the Customer’s User Account.  No refund shall be given to the Customer for any unused “bundled transfer" fee(s) that have been pre-purchased by the Customer.
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