How to transfer money overseas – step by step.

At MoneyGram Money Transfer, we work hard to make sure that your money arrives at its destination promptly and safely - so you can concentrate on what’s important in your life.

Skip the bank lineups, send money online. Too easy!

For safe and simple money transfers without the confusion or cost, simply follow our three easy steps. With our online dealing platform, you can send your money almost anywhere in the world.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. SIGN UP – Easy online sign up process
  2. LOG IN – you can now confirm your bank details, look at our rates and make a transfer
  3. TRANSFER your money – we’ve got the rest covered!

Once all your details are registered you can take advantage of our diverse range of products and services.

Why us?

At MoneyGram Money Transfer, we always consider the needs of our clients and strive to keep our international money transfers simple, efficient and secure. We understand that transferring money overseas can become costly and confusing, that’s why we keep our rates low and our customer service levels high.

Save money by bundling your transfers

We offer MoneyGram Bundles that allow you to buy a number of transfers up front and receive and save money:

  • Buy four money transfers for the cost of only three!
  • Transfers start from $250 with a maximum of $100,000 per transfer
  • Save time and money, set and forget your next three transfers

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